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3 Tips That Can Save Your Life July 15, 2008

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Warning: the descriptions could be graphic, but do I have a choice?

Some of the people I have met in the past have asked me if boxing is considered self- defense. I usually answer them with an “it depends”. Both men and women have this little fear inside of them that they will be attacked in the streets so every feeling of assurance counts. So here are the two answers: YES, because boxing teaches defensive awareness and counter instincts and NO, because bad people fight dirty. It’s all about what works in the streets where your life is on the line.

Another Warning: As much as possible simply walk away or escape. But if that doesn’t work, use these:

1. When walking to the parking lot, look around (especially behind you) for suspicious looking individuals. Make sure that your car keys are in the middle of your thumb and palms so that if somebody tries to attack you, do not hesitate to stab his face with the key (if you miss his eyes, at least you can damage his face). And of course, run as fast as you can! Note: the law states that when you feel threatened and you do something to defend yourself, you are not at fault.

2. When somebody bear hugs you from behind, stomp on his toes, scrape his shins with the soles of your shoes and repeatedly kick. And when your hands are free, go for the family jewels: squeeze and rip towards you. And of course, run like hell! Make sure to attract attention by screaming for help.

3. When being “mauled” or hugged face to face, make sure to cover your face with your hands and tuck your elbows in to have the arms protect your chest. Place your forehead on your intruder’s chest then grab his neck or head with both your hands then: pull his head down then spring your head up! The result? Instant broken nose or jaw. Note: if he does not let go after the first blow, keep on repeating the sequence.

There are so many techniques to learn that don’t require prior martial arts experience. In my opinion, having the basics in check is a must. Will you just freeze and not do anything or will you do something to save your life and that of your loved ones? The choice is yours….
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